Strength & Understanding

"A member of the Kainai nation.

A proud young woman whose roots are strongly supported in her Blackfoot & Latin-American identity.

Bailey's cultural diverse upbringing gives her the strength and understanding of acceptance,

inclusion, and the importance of culture & tradition. Dancing guides Bailey to remain grounded

and connected to her indigenous traditional ways and spirituality,"

written by Bailey Vazquez-Fox.


Siksika Fancy Dance Leap

The Fancy dance is a relatively new, fast,spinning,acrobatic style..

The regalia is colourful, elaborate, & can be quite heavy.



The Grass dance is one of the oldest traditional dances of North America’s Plains nations. This Siksika dancer prepares sites for new villages and ceremonies.



Young dancers are very important. They are their nation’s future.

Their dancing celebrates the continuation of tradition and their families culture.

A powwow is a gathering. Song, dance, ceremonies, rituals, and hospitality

make a Powwow gathering.


Fancy Dancer

This dancer is performing on the Calgary Stampede’s main stage.

He is of the Cree & Kainai nations. The Kainai nation was know by neighbouring tribes

as the Blood nation because of their fierceness.


Jingle Dance

This healing dance honours the power of aboriginal women and prayer.


Siksika Nation

Northern Plains dancer from the Blackfoot confederacy. The traditional dancer tells a story of battle. These warrior dances have a long history. The dancer’s regalia is a personal expression changing with time, accomplishments,& continued practice. The traditional dancer honours his nation and culture.


Elder Dance

Tsuut’ina and Blood nation’s traditional dancer.