Wushu Sword

Dynamism: precision matched to grace makes this weapons form an art.



Wu Xin


No - Mind

Copy of TripleC Dragon Dance


Edmonton's MacNally High School Triple C Chinese Cultural Club, Dragon Dance Team. This multiple exposure composite combines the joy of the dancers and the beauty of the Chinese Dragon bringing wisdom and good fortune to the Edmonton's Chinatown.



Gingwu Lions

The Lion Dance is performed on important occassions. To honour special guests, the opening of businesses, wedding ceremonies, and New Year's celebrations: the lion dancers bring good luck & fortune. The great lions (performed with 2 persons) with their vibrant colour & ornament have rich symbolism and a long history. The Dance is usually performed by members of a martial arts association. A martial arts school like Canadian Ging Wu Martial Arts Association have many lions. This demonstrates their success in the Edmonton Alberta community.



Star Trail

Double 9 sectional Whip weapons form demonstration.The technique of wrapping the weapon around the neck. gains momentum and changes the direction of the chain's spin. The chain must be coordinated to the practitioner. Otherwise, the weapon will strike the performer. The Chain Whip has a deserved reputation as difficult - mastered by a great deal of practise. A disciplined skill achieved by hard work - the literal meaning of kung fu.


Sparring Sisters

Kung Fu weapons sparring takes training and skill. Performing a demonstration that feels real takes talent. The competitive spirit of sisters also helps.

Canadian Ging Wu Martial Arts Association.



McNally High School's Triple C Dragon Dance Team & dancers. The Chinese Culture Club has such a long history & rich culture to celebrate. The vibrant colours in this composition show its beauty.




Shan Wu, the kung fu fighting fan form is a sequence of attack & defence movements. The routine develops grace, balance & strength. Jing Ying Martial Arts members medalled in 2018 international competitions.