Artist’s Statement

  I am not self taught.  I am haunted by pro-photographer relatives singing lullabies in tune to, "Son don't Grow Up to Be A Cowboy."  And I follow my teachers' hands that grab hold with the demand to continue.

   The camera clicks - with luck each photograph rewards a new connection, an unexpected point of view, a dynamic background: more stories.  I review Bruegel and drift into a memory of an old couple leaning on each other as they study Camarena's 'Liberacion.'  Book-wormed and tutorial binged, I grab my editing pen to burn a deeper shadow. 

  The world is not flat: its layered. I shoot , stack, stitch, burn and blur. A layered photograph reflecting a rich world. This camera's image is my palette.  This screen is the light canvas. Each project is a series governed by light: Luxseriem.      I am drawn to light.  I run to catch a sun-bolt, a rain soaked wind, a snow cloud's soft glow. Looking for a skyscraper's mirrored reflections on a crowd, I circle round looking for curve forming shadows. 

   Struck by colour, I work to the story .  I scout, wait, framing every I/3 of a second. Some spray and pray, just holding the shutter down on maximum burst. It depends on the form of conversation, for me a call and response often tells a connected story. This story is time. The event's moment, the subject's reaction, the history of the two.

  For me, Canada's landscape and its multi-cultural history are a celebration.  From the first families to the newest, every tradition brings more depth, a broader view, a better place.  My camera  explores and I discover just how much there is to experience.   

   My inspirations, motives, actions build this view: these photographs.

I hope the photographs show some of the beauty in our world.

© Robert Grant 2019 All images & text

© Robert Grant 2019 All images & text

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